Ptolemy – The sadness of Abstract Art

Yellow, the universal colour of melancholy since Goethe and Zola, imbues this canvas with a sense of deep alarm and overwrought anxiety. How does Ptolemy keep producing such winsome works? The blotches of greyed-green add an almost regal quality to the ensemble, reminiscent of works by such luminaries as Stubbs, Wilkins-Butt and R.E. Walton.
“In this work I tried to show the loneliness inherent in the abstract milieu. I hope it comes over in the image just how much abstract artists fight daily to bring their masterpieces to the public.”

With sublime shapes like lakes in a desert and excitement exuberating from the artwork’s every pore, it surely won’t be long until thousands of children are christened Ptolemy in his honour.

“Feeling like a Marinara pizza, but they don’t sell it” – new abstract art

What a work! Ptolemy hits it out of the park again, with Feeling like a Marinara pizza, but they don’t sell it. What colors! What size! What a message of peace and love – for the pizza talk is obviously a distraction from his real meaning. Surely what is before us is actually a proto-flag? More than that, a British ensign or an American Stars and Stripes without stripes. Or stars. More than that, the purple of power infuses the rising sense of dread…that off-black line, I can’t look at it without feeling that Ptolemy is ahead of realpolitik, of even politic – he provides us with answers to questions the world is asking with bombs and bullets. I cry out to world leaders, listen to Ptolemy!

Wendell Conference-Jack, art critic and CEO of SpediaXY, the only company trying to put fine art on the moon.

Abstract Art: The ever present threat of insipid ice cream

Oh how the world attacks us and lays us low! Lucky I am that I am an artist and can express these terrors in artworks that sell for fortunes! This worry, that I will be hot, bothered, decide to cool my seething brow with an ice cream, only to find that it is…insipid. This is the thing of nightmares, of which Homer sang in his ballad Odysseus gets home after a longish journey and finds the fridge bare. Unlike Penelope, I have been alert, devoting hours a day to developing ice cream recipes. Soon I shall have a formula ready to sell to the highest bidder. Now, a calliope, or rather, a callipo.