Worthing First Ice Cream of the Summer

BOOF! Has given us another masterpiece that delves into the sublime depths of human experience.

Captured within the frame is a woman, adorned in regal splendor, ensconced within the protective embrace of a waterproof mobility scooter—a modern-day chariot of empowerment. With grace and poise, she indulges in the sensory delight of ice cream, its creamy sweetness a testament to the fleeting pleasures of earthly existence.

The composition exudes a profound sense of temporality, as if frozen in a momentary reverie amidst the relentless march of time. The juxtaposition of the woman’s serene countenance with the mechanical apparatus of her conveyance imbues the scene with a poignant sense of existential inquiry—a reflection on the fragile interplay between human agency and the immutable forces of fate

Sperlonga di Ravello, Art Critic and Italian tandem dressage* champion 2023

*Tandem dressage is a new sport that is best described as dressage, but on a tandem.

London Street Photography – Frog

What a photograph! This is the sort of photo that photography was invented for. Has anything better been taken for years? The waiter, the diners, oh how I would like to be able to hear their conversation. How beguiling it is to see and yet be unable to share fully in the moment. How hard it is for us to watch such happiness, such wild abandon. And the frog! This is one of the few photographs from central London that features a frog, and what does it tell us except this: photographers, take more frog photos. The presence of a frog elevates the picture from Domenicino to Michelangelo. I have to have it!

Art Critic and friend of the artist Rubarbe Wenlock-Bobb