Fine Art FAQs

If you don’t find the answer to your question here then please contact us.

I am new to buying art, can you help me understand the jargon? What’s a commission? What’s fine art? What is an edition?

Absolutely. Sorry about the arty jargon, we try to avoid it but sometimes it slips through. We know that often buying art can be intimidating. Not with us, if you are a new collector we look forward to working with you.

  • A commission is when you ask us to create a new work just for you. You might want a Monty Carlo portrait of someone particular. Or a picture of a specific landscape or much-loved building.
  • Fine art just refers to the work of artists that is created to be beautiful or meaningful.
  • Some artworks are created as one offs – there is only one of them in the entire world. If you buy it you buy the only one in existence. Others are created in editions, which means that the artist has made more than one of them.
    Eg: If it says that an artwork is an edition of ten, there are ten of that artwork in existence. So if you buy one, there are another nine that can be sold to other collectors.

How quickly can I get my artwork? I will pay double the price to get it ASAP!

This is dependent on several factors, including

  • are you buying a picture that already exists or a commission (a picture created especially for you)?
  • Which artist you are buying.
  • Do you want to pay an extra fee to jump to the front of the queue?

What is the price?

The prices vary depending on factors like artist, size and how quickly you want the artwork.

  • Art is a luxury item with prices that reflect their unique appeal.
  • If you are new to buying art then it probably will be more than you expect. But for that price you are getting something irreplaceable.

OK, I want to buy a picture of my wife/boyfriend/pet giraffe. What should I do next?

So that is called commissioning an artwork. Just get in touch by email from the Enquiry page. We will be in touch with details about price, etc. When we have received payment work will start on your piece. This may include visiting you to take reference photos to help with creating the artwork.

I want to buy an artwork I have seen on the site.

Just get in touch!

Where can you deliver?

We are based in England and can send artworks all around the world. If you are abroad make sure you know if there are any import fees, etc, that you may need to pay.


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