Wonderful evening at the latest Hackson Jollock exhibition at Phantom Gallery

All the stars of the art world, (and frankly a few of the complete opposite) were out in their best Dior gowns to celebrate the latest Hackson Jollock canvases on show at the Phantom Gallery.

Thirty enormous canvases filled the gallery, of which all but one was sold within thirty seconds of the exhibition opening. 

“Some people say that my work is inspired by some other artist in history,” Hackson said during a brief moment when he wasn’t signing autographs, “but that is nonsense. My work comes from within, it is a sensitive outpouring of feelings and emotions. This can be seen from the titles which are full of emotions, like Work #55, Work #57 and even Work #87.”

Gallerist Money Saunders said, “A new Jollock show is a gift to the world, or at least that part of the world that can afford Hackson’s enormous prices. His portraits, sorry I mean interpretations are the best thing to have hit the art world since Michelangelo passed away. Sorry, I have to go, someone wants to buy Work #107.”

The evening was a great success, measured in the typical art world way – the Freud-Bacon (FB) equation – number of pieces sold times number of magnums drunk times average price. With an FB statistic of over 17million, this exhibition was the most successful since D.K. flower’s self portraits with different soaps, which previously held the record.

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