“Feeling like a Marinara pizza, but they don’t sell it” – new abstract art

What a work! Ptolemy hits it out of the park again, with Feeling like a Marinara pizza, but they don’t sell it. What colors! What size! What a message of peace and love – for the pizza talk is obviously a distraction from his real meaning. Surely what is before us is actually a proto-flag? More than that, a British ensign or an American Stars and Stripes without stripes. Or stars. More than that, the purple of power infuses the rising sense of dread…that off-black line, I can’t look at it without feeling that Ptolemy is ahead of realpolitik, of even politic – he provides us with answers to questions the world is asking with bombs and bullets. I cry out to world leaders, listen to Ptolemy!

Wendell Conference-Jack, art critic and CEO of SpediaXY, the only company trying to put fine art on the moon.

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