The abstract genius of Ptolemy Bognor-Regis III

Ptolemy Bognor-Regis III is the only son of Ptolemy Bognor-Regis II, the famous philanthropist, owner of Winhampton United and star of upcoming reality TV show, Billionaires in a Boat. He works in an abstract style inspired by the early works of Cedar Compton, Maui Slipper’s portraits of unseeable things and the road signs he claims to have experienced on a gap-year visit to Columbia.
“My work is so deep and meaningful that it can only be expressed in abstract paintings. I have not yet found an art critic who understands my work, but I keep battling on, knowing that if there is one thing the world needs it is more abstract artworks.”

A Bank Robbery in the environs of Machynlleth
A surprise win at Tennis whilst playing your great-aunt
A bird on a giraffe’s nose (the giraffe is trying not to sneeze and dislodge his feathered friend)

Ptolomy Bognor-Regis III on his artistic practice-

“In the boundless expanse of our still much un-discovered cosmos, where the ethereal nuances of creativity converge with almost infinite representations of human experience, I am inexorably drawn to the realm of the abstract—a realm teeming with boundless potential and unfathomable depths, the realm that needs to be visited by all if we are to survive as a species. Yes, abstract art is that important. In fact it is more important.

In my artistic practice, I eschew the constraints of representationalism, opting instead to traverse the nebulous terrain of the abstract, where form gives way to essence and color becomes the conduit for political viewpoints, special achievements and emotional expression. It is within this liminal space, this threshold of consciousness, that I discover the true essence of politics, culture, life and artistic liberation—a liberation that transcends the confines of conventional perception and invites the viewer to embark upon a journey not just of self-discovery and introspection but to the very essence of humanity. My artworks are signposts for the world to read, to help them progress from now to then. 

My abstract artworks unravel the enigma of existence, plumb the depths of the human psyche, the global political systems and give voice to the ineffable mysteries that lie at the heart of our shared humanity. I can say no more now, I am exhausted with speaking and must return to my studio and the abstract images that speak so much more clearly than mere words.”

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