Worthing First Ice Cream of the Summer

BOOF! Has given us another masterpiece that delves into the sublime depths of human experience.

Captured within the frame is a woman, adorned in regal splendor, ensconced within the protective embrace of a waterproof mobility scooter—a modern-day chariot of empowerment. With grace and poise, she indulges in the sensory delight of ice cream, its creamy sweetness a testament to the fleeting pleasures of earthly existence.

The composition exudes a profound sense of temporality, as if frozen in a momentary reverie amidst the relentless march of time. The juxtaposition of the woman’s serene countenance with the mechanical apparatus of her conveyance imbues the scene with a poignant sense of existential inquiry—a reflection on the fragile interplay between human agency and the immutable forces of fate

Sperlonga di Ravello, Art Critic and Italian tandem dressage* champion 2023

*Tandem dressage is a new sport that is best described as dressage, but on a tandem.

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