Boz brings their witty portraits to Pimlico Wilde

Boz reinvents the society portrait for a new generation, filling the canvas not just with the chap/chapess being immortalised, but also with the sort of joie de vivre that can only be found in places like St Tropez, Minorca or Rhyl.
“I love creating a likeness of celebrities. Ever since I painted the dog when I was three – it took my mother hours to clean its fur – it has been my dream to earn a living as an artist. Now my work sells for prices that boggle the mind, which is a great reward for the years of poverty I endured as I learned my trade.”

Boz lives between Calais and Dover. He loves the sea and has a fully fitted artist’s studio on board a ferry which plies its trade across the Channel. “I love life on the open waves. The phone reception isn’t great, which I love. I can pretend I didn’t get any messages.”

Commissions by Boz can take slightly longer than normal as it is hard to contact them.

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