Monty Carlo – star amongst society portrait artists

If you want a portrait by an artist using contemporary tools look no further than Monty Carlo. Educated at a London art school he brings portraiture bang up to date, whilst somehow also working in a fine art tradition that goes back centuries. “My work, inspired in part by the portraits of Titian and Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino aims to create a fun, bubbly image that looks good in any collection. As a sports fan I particularly love working on portraits of sports stars, but I’m happy creating art for any collector.”

I regard the day I purchased my first work by Monty Carlo as the day I first came alive. Without doubt he is the Giovanni Boldini/ Mondrian hybrid that the art world has been waiting for for centuries.

Coridian Pelikan, collector of MONTY CARLO and Southern Turkish carpets between 1700 and 1705

Today Monty crafts exquisite society portraits using digital techniques and skills.

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