Nesting (Sticks on a cup)

A wonderful memory-piece from Dafydda, who created this blistering work over a period of seven weeks in a park in Outer Dundee.
“With this piece I was trying to draw attention, through carefully placed sticks, to the complex nature of life itself. Each stick represents both the unknown in the future and, at the same time, the continuing elapsation of time that bears down on us all.”

Art critic Hoffa Welogi says: “When I first saw this work I thought, that’s it, that is the end of art. All that can be achieved has been achieved. There is nothing more to be said. The cup, lonely, empty – or full, we cannot tell – being used not for anything so everyday as drinking, but as architecture, as an example of how humans can build in a sustainable way. But it also shouts of its position in the avant garde, for is this not actually a new form of portraiture? Soon any collector who doesn’t have a Daffyda in their collection will become reclusive, unable to face their peers. Daffyda, you have made a masterpiece.”

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