Sports sponsorship – Chelsea Elephant Polo

Pimlico Wilde are pleased to announce their sponsorship of the Chelsea Elephant Polo team, starting with this weekend’s World Series taking place in Blackpool sur Mer. As part of the deal all the team members (human not elephant) receive a stunning artwork worth over £50,000 to hang in their stable.

Manager of the Chelsea Elephant Polo team, Ale Corbe says “Most elephant polo teams are sponsored by elephant food companies, but this sponsorship deal with Pimlico Wilde shows us to be at the cutting edge of Elephantine sports. Elephant polo is not an excessively expensive sport, but there are certain costs – you have to buy your elephant, transport it to England, teach it to play polo, etc, etc. So our players and supporters are well positioned to purchase Pimlico’s expensive fine art, especially any elephant-based pictures.”

At the announcement event Acting-CEO of Pimlico Wilde, Stevenson Rockett broke the world record for most Champagne bottles sabred in 90 mins. He commented, “Elephant polo is one of the great sports, worldwide more people follow elephant polo than football and basketball combined. The app Elephant Polo News is the most downloaded sports app in history. So we are honoured to be involved with elephant polo and hope to sell many works of art to poloists. I mean we hope to support elephant polo in Kensington and Chelsea, and see it grow, until it is – with our logo – on TV as often as less exciting sports like football.”

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