How does Online Reputation Management work?

Online reputation management concerns two main areas of work which both have the same objective.

The problem is that search engine results are turning up inaccurate or negative results.

The solution is therefore to remove these results from the search engine.

This is attempted in a two-fold approach. The unwanted results can be actually removed. And they can be hidden by the creation of new, more acceptable results.

The first page of results is where most people get their information. So a negative result that has been driven down to a position on page two or lower will a hugely less reach and influence.

Of these two methods the first will always be very difficult. There is usually little leverage to use to force someone to remove information they have posted.

But method two is available and is more than capable of working. This is independent to anything that other people are posting online. We can aim to create more positive information that will rise above the negativity and render it hidden on lower pages of the search engines results.

The methods are well-researched and trusted, but there can be no guarantees. We work for you and we aim to achieve a cleaner online reputation. The work should really be kept on in an ongoing fashion to make sure that the negative remains out of immediate sight.

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